Family Nutrition Made Easy: Beans and Brown Rice


We live in the age of instant gratification. A smartphone driven world now expects instant responses to mail that once would have taken weeks and feels like they are slumming it when they choose to go with Amazon’s free 2-day shipping. NFL fans expect their quarterbacks to be legends by year three and beginning weightlifters grow frustrated when they don’t add twenty pounds of muscle in the first month. We’ve forgotten the wisdom of marinating and slow-cooking.


These norms are especially destructive when they come to our expectations about food. Instant convenience food and fast food have come to characterize most of the food we eat. These norms would have been seen as unimaginable 60 years ago, but today are deemed necessities for our fast-paced lives. They are not.



Most conclude that they have two options when it comes to eating well:


  1. Pay exorbitantly for gourmet…

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