Exploring the Hidden Mexican Gem of Espiritu Santo


The sun shone a bright light on the island in front of us. As we pulled into the cove and shut off the boat’s engine, the turquoise water lapped against the sides of the panga. The boat was quiet—each of the passengers lost in the beauty of what lay ahead.

Espíritu Santo is no ordinary island. Off the southeastern coast of Baja, Mexico, the island is just 6 miles away from the town of La Paz, but once you get to the sheltered northwestern side of its shores, you feel hundreds of miles away from civilization.

Time stops on Espiritu Santo—the passage of the sun across the azure sky reminds you that time is indeed moving along, but there’s no real connection to the hustle we’ve prescribed ourselves as a normal part of life.

The breeze was gentle and the temperature balmy. The sun kissed our faces and shoulders as we waded into shore. The sand…

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