Experiencing the Rush of an Electric Motorcycle


Growing up in rural Minnesota, the sound “BRRAAAPPP” functioned for many linguistic needs. It served as a friendly greeting, open question, and when used in stories, onomatopoeia for small displacement engines like snowmobiles, quads, and dirtbikes.

To me, the sound is most synonymous with motorcycles. To this day, when talking about riding bikes, I instinctively do two things: hold out my hand as if it is on an air throttle, and then loudly make the “BRAP” sound (even my fingers intuitively type it in all caps).

Instilled at a young age, the sound brings me back to the good times we had out on the trails. So, somewhat naturally, I was leery of electric motorcycles. Not because I don’t see the value of electric vehicles on a broader scale. I fully understand the necessity for…

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