Essential Gym Hacks For Big Guys


In the gym, like elsewhere in life, being a tall and wide guy has advantages. But it also has…let’s not call them “disadvantages,” but rather, times “the norm” for smaller guys just won’t work for you. When that happens, you can either try to make your body bend to someone else’s rules—not recommended—or modify movements so they’ll work better for you.

As a big and tall lifter myself—6-foot-4 and about 250—I get sick and tired of hearing that it’s some form of copout or excuse to take leverages into account when training. Guess what: This isn’t my opinion. It’s eighth grade physics! When it comes to applying forces or moving loads, more work will always be needed to move the same load using a longer lever (i.e., a longer leg, arm, or spine) than a shorter one.

Translation: The bigger you are, the farther a weight has to move, and the…

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