ER Doctor (and Surfer) Mark Deaver Answers COVID-19 Questions


Welcome to the eighth installment of “AMA From More Than 6-Feet Away,” SURFER’s new interview series wherein the world’s best surfers answer questions submitted by fans via social media in an effort to keep our little surf community well-connected in this time of social distancing. In this new episode, we stray from the norm.

Rather than feature another pro surfer, we hear from Dr. Mark Deaver, a San Diego surfer and emergency room doctor working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click play to hear Dr. Deaver answer your questions on a variety of COVID and non-COVID related subjects. Like: Are surfers more or less at risk of contracting the virus? What do you think about people protesting the re-opening of our economy? Where do you stand on beach and ocean…

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