Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Things for September 2019


The Art of Mental Training, by DC Gonzalez

Recommended by Kailan Kalina, content editor

You’ve probably heard that your mind is a muscle that needs to be worked, just like the rest of your muscles. Your mental game can truly affect your success, whether that means achieving your fat-loss goals, a squat PR, or a technical lift like the clean and jerk (my current project).

In “The Art of Mental Training,” author D.C. Gonzalez, a Peak Performance Coach, leads you through bite-sized, scientifically proven components of mental training, including how to channel desired outcomes in your performance, implement the power of visualization, and practice positive thinking to fend off the Debby Downer in your head, to name a few.

I enjoyed reading this because it gave me practical methods for tackling the silly thoughts that leave me second-guessing myself…

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