Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Things for July 2018


Bodybuilding.com Signature Vitamin C 

Recommended by Jeff O’Connell, editor-in-chief

As far as antioxidants go, Vitamin C packs a wallop. Antioxidants are critically important because they clean up what are called free radicals, the potentially dangerous byproducts of various metabolic processes in the human body. Intense exercise, while overwhelmingly healthy, does temporarily increase the production of these free radicals. So does stress. So, how do you access this health-supporting micronutrient? You could slug down a glass of orange juice, but in the process you’d also take in 33 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving. As a result, I’m partial to the supplement form. This new offering from Signature is no-frills, no-nonsense, and an inexpensive investment in your long-term health.

The Muscle Donut 

Recommended by Hobart Swan, senior content…

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