Easy Spring Haircut to Try at Home (That’s Not a Buzz Cut)


While many guys are opting for an at-home buzz cut, you still have a few other options if you’re not ready to commit to the style. One of the easiest ones to try right now at home: letting your hair grow out, and simply keeping it trim as it does. It’s possible that you could end up with a new style that you never realized you could pull off.

However, you can’t just let it grow without a bit of management; you need to clean up the edges with your trimmer or clipper, and strategically manicure it like a prized hedge in your front lawn. And the best news of all is that this is fairly easy to do.

Below are tips on trimming your own hair, from Ryan Gonzalez. He’s the owner of Church Barber in San Francisco, and Church California grooming products.

How to Trim Your Own Haircut at…

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