Doctors in Need of Protective Eyewear Turn to Ski Goggles


It started with a phone call from New York City to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Mike Halperin, an emergency physician at a pair of hospitals in the Bronx, had, like many healthcare workers around the world, grown concerned about the dwindling supply of personal protective equipment needed to treat patients with the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

He’d grown up skiing with his aunt and uncle, Rachel Bellis and Harv Holtzman, and wondered if they might have some extra goggles that he could use if he and his coworkers ran out of face shields. He called them on Friday, March 27.

By then, he had taken to using the same shield all day, cleaning it between patients to preserve the supply. He figured goggles could help perform one procedure in particular: intubating patients, or placing a tube down their throats to allow them to breathe on a ventilator.

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