Directional Freezing Method: How to Make Clear Ice


When you’re used to clear ice floating in your cocktails at bars and restaurants, the milky-centered cubes deposited from your freezer just doesn’t cut it when bartending at home. But there’s another more villainous reason those cloudy crescents from your freezer should be avoided: They can alter the flavor of your drink. We’re not just talking about odd odors from your freezer either (though you should clean that). Cloudy ice can have impurities that will negatively affect the quality of your drink, whiskey or otherwise.



Camper English is the American booze world’s ice savant. On his site, he’s shown the results of countless ice experiments over the years “If you get to the middle of a big cube that’s cloudy, it sort of tastes a little wrong, and you think it’s just because it’s watery, but you actually…

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