Delicious Instant Pot Recipes to Make for Dinner Tonight


Somewhere between week three and week 5,399 of quarantine life, we lost all desire to cook. And then we realized it didn’t have to be this way. We realized there could, in fact, be a better way. Yes, we still could have a satisfying dinner on the table—and please the picky seven-year-old and I’ll-eat-anything vegan—but we didn’t have to spend hours on our feet cooking. Instead, we simply assemble some ingredients, punch a few buttons on the old Instant Pot, walk away, and resume streaming our guilty pleasure (Million Dollar Beach House on Netflix as of late, if you’re curious) until dinner is ready.

Trust us when we say that once you use an Instant Pot, you’ll wonder why you cooked any other way. The programmable multi-cooker and pressure cook makes whipping up gourmet meals fail-proof and simple. Dare we say, the satisfaction in…

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