Crunched for Time? 6 Hacks to Shave Minutes Off Your Workout


We’re all busy. Our schedules on a normal day can be crazy, and on those days when there’s even more on your plate than usual, your workout can become the first casualty. We’ve all heard that little voice: “You won’t have enough time for the perfect workout today, so why bother at all?”

If this sounds like you, stop losing out on your muscle gains and calorie burn, and learn how to make the most out of what time you do have. These six hacks will help you trim a few minutes here and there so you can still have a productive session and reach your fitness goals.

Strategy 1: Have a Plan B Routine to Your Plan A Routine

I like instinctive training and going with the flow when it comes to exercises, but that doesn’t always work when you’re time-crunched. You need to know what exercises you want to do, as well as the sets, reps, and weight you plan to…

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