Coalition Whiskey Launches First 100 Percent Rye

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Lovers of a true, and intense, rye whiskey will rejoice at the upcoming release of Coalition Whiskey’s 100 percent rye finished in Bordeaux wine barrels. And there’s good reason to rejoice: In the U.S., the majority of rye whiskies aren’t made with anything close to a 100 percent rye. To be called a rye whiskey, the spirit must simply be made with only 51 percent rye, with other ingredients including corn, malted barley, and wheat added to the bill. That’s pretty much it—a rye can be distilled anywhere in the country and doesn’t need to be aged at all, though typically decent ryes are aged in charred oak barrels for around two years.

A rarity in the U.S., high-rye styles like Coalition’s new spirit are not only being made from 100 percent rye (where no other grains are introduced), they’re also produced with…

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