Chestnut Beetroot Soup | Breaking Muscle


Earthy and vibrant, this creamy soup gets its texture from pureéing the softened chestnuts and vegetables together. This technique results in a perfectly thick spoonable delight that’s teaming with a rounded assortment of nutrients perfect for athletes. In this roundup of nutrition, beets are a superstar for athletes. Compounds found in beets increase the body’s ability to use oxygen and increase the time it takes to feel exhausted. Consuming chestnuts increases energy levels as they provide carbohydrates for both short and long-term energy.


Both beets and chestnuts are available in many stores already peeled and cooked making this soup much easier and faster to make. If you can’t find them in store, you can cook them yourself in advance and then toss them into the soup.



This soup is also fun experiment with color for kids to get them involved with cooking and healthy…

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