Cheryl Alters Jamison’s Spare Ribs Recipe From ‘Texas Q’ Cookbook


Cheryl Alters Jamison’s newest cookbook, Texas Q, serves up a smoked spare ribs recipe that will take your barbecue to the next level.

WITH NEARLY 270,000 square miles of undulating hills, sun-scorched savanna, rushing rivers, and ocher desert, the Lone Star State is huge and varied. However, its kaleidoscopic culinary traditions are often represented by a single ambassador: the peppered barbecue of Central Texas. Absolutely nothing wrong with that iconic style, reared from 19th-century Czech and German settlers, but a new cookbook, Texas Q, shows a broader range.

“Texas is a place where a lot of big, bold flavors blend together to create a really special food destination,” says author Cheryl Alters Jamison, a James Beard award-winner who’s been writing about Southwestern cuisine and barbecue for more than four decades.

The book’s standout…

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