Caver and Photographer Ethan Reuter on the Most Beautiful Caves in the World


You probably spend your weekends trying new bars or restaurants, catching up on sleep, or working up a sweat. But Ethan Reuter and his older brother, Ian, like to spend their free time caving underground, traversing through some of the deepest pits in the country.

Ethan records their caving expeditions, too, as a self-taught photographer. (You can check out the photos on his website, where you can also buy prints of his work.)

For the brothers, caving is closer to a lifestyle than a hobby. They started with their father when they were teens growing up in South Dakota’s Black Hills, where the ponderosas reach over 230 feet into the air and the caves stretch over 830 feet underground. His favorite is Ellison’s Cave in Georgia, which features Fantastic Pit, the deepest unobstructed pit in the U.S.

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