Canyon Introduces the 2021 Sender CFR Mountain Bike


Downhill racing is a game of seconds. It’s that simple. More than any other discipline of mountain biking, its focus is unambiguous, pure, easy to quantify and impossible to perfect. It’s a journey our sport has been on, literally since the birth of the sport itself. That’s why downhill bikes are the most advanced, alien-looking creatures on two wheels. Their evolution has undergone an unnatural acceleration over the decades, and the game of seconds is now a game of fractions of seconds. And that’s why, when we see updates on a bike that competes at the level that the Canyon Sender CFR, those updates may seem subtle at first, but are all the more ingenious because of it.

Photo: Courtesy of Canyon Bikes/BIKE Magazine

Take the 2021 CFR’s new shock mount. The rear (or “lower”) mount is still is compressed using a similar scissor-like…

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