Buffalo Trace Announces New Charter Oak Series Bourbon


Buffalo Trace’s Old Charter Oak line of whiskeys has released a new bourbon aged entirely in barrels made of a midwestern tree species: the Chinkapin oak.

Old Charter Oak Chinkapin Oak is the fourth release in this series, which has been in the works for more than a decade. Buffalo Trace has spent the last few years rebuilding the “Old Charter” brand (which was once a modestly popular well bourbon) to be an experimental series of limited editions.

For Chinkapin Oak, Buffalo Trace handled the production and preparation of the special barrels differently than it handled ones constructed from traditional white oak. The staves were seasoned for 24 months, instead of the typical 3-6 months needed for the average white oak stave. Longer drying time allows more (and more complex) flavors to be released from the oak (and into the whiskey) during the…

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