‘Breaking Boundaries’ Documents a Surfboard Drive for the Youth of Trinidad and Tobago


“It’s more than a board drive to us, it’s a human thing,” says Trinidad and Tobago surfer Chris Dennis in “Breaking Boundaries” (above), a new documentary from Vans highlighting Dennis’ life as a surfer and how he started a surf therapy program for at-risk youths in the rural communities of Trinidad. “If we share, and really care for each other, a lot of our problems will be solveable. So, it means the world.”

Dennis, who used to compete on the ‘QS, knows what it’s like to grow up with the cards stacked against him. While his home country is one of the richest in the Caribbean (thanks to its oil exports), the wealth is not equally distributed, with many communities living in poverty. Dennis, through surfing, found an escape at an early age—a way to avoid the pitfalls of…

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