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6 Weeks To Sick Arms By Jim Stoppani

  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Fitness Level: Intermediate
  • Goal: Build Muscle
  • Workouts per Week: 2-3
  • Equipment: Full Gym

Over six weeks, your workout volume and schedule will fluctuate strategically to utilize the scientific principles of gene activation, periodization, and controlled overreaching. You’ll be performing classic gym exercises such as curls and extensions, but when and how much you lift is strictly prescribed to maximize gains.


30-Day Arms With Abel Albonetti

30-Day Arms
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Fitness Level: Advanced
  • Goal: Build Muscle
  • Workouts per Week: 3
  • Equipment: Full Gym

This is a systematic, effective approach to arm training like nothing else out there. You’ll get workouts to be attached to your current program, plus one standalone arm pump session that you’ll definitely feel the next day!

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