Fit Employee Spotlight: Niranh Saniranh


Niranh Saniranh was a skinny, acne-prone kid who felt alone in the world and awkward at school. Then, at age 17, he started lifting weights. The change was immediate and positive. With each bit of muscle and strength gains came matching gains in confidence, but also in spirit. Whereas he’d once lived in a dark, isolated mental spot and was an easy target for other kids, Saniranh quickly came into his own.

By 18, he had transformed his body and was already prepping for his first competition, and he hasn’t stopped since. A classicist at heart, he follows the exact programs of iconic, 1970s-era bodybuilders. He likes their simplicity, technique, and of course, their results.

But it’s more than just technique and momentum driving him forward. Saniranh and the weights have “become one,” he says.

Today, Saniranh is one of our brilliant customer service…

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