Bob Odenkirk on Humor, Regret, and His Dream Dinner Party Guest List


The comedian and actor Bob Odenkirk, now appearing in the final season of Better Call Saul, spoke to us on big families, helpless parents, and why the anchors on Fox News will never, ever be funny.

Who were your heroes growing up?

My scoutmasters. My dad wasn’t around at all, so I was always looking for men who I could look up to.

You’re one of seven siblings. How was it growing up in such a big family?

I loved it. My father was a flake—a selfish, alcoholic, immature person—so there was a lot of stress. The kids all supported each other and had a lot of laughs together. We just joked around like crazy and played and had a blast.

How should a man handle getting older?

You’ve got to tighten up the…

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