Bill Maher on Heroes and How Relationships Are Like Airplanes


Bill Maher, the acerbic host of HBO’s Real Time… on how relationships are like airplanes, the most important thing he learned as a kid, and why he cannot look away from Temptation Island. — As told to Larry Kanter

Men’s Journal: Who were your heroes growing up?

Bill Maher: Anyone who was funny. And then as I got a little older, it was funny but also attractive to women. Like Dean Martin. I was too young to quite understand exactly what was going on, but I just knew that my mother really liked The Dean Martin Show. He was suave and great looking and tan and drunk—all the things I wanted to be when I grew up. So those were my heroes, before I began to understand how the world works.

How did that understanding change who you looked up to?

I look up to people who don’t play for a team. I love people who…

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