Best Spirits to Give Dad This Year


Breaking the monotony of Father’s Day gifting is no mean feat. Our dads know what they like. It’s far less risky to gift them something we already know they will enjoy than to go out on a limb. But if you, like so many, elect to fulfill your annual Father’s Day obligation via a bottle of the best spirits, know this: Your dad has already tried his favorite spirit, many times over. His favorite bourbon? He’s already got a bottle. That gin you’ve watched him whip into pre-dinner martinis since you were a kid? He’s got some of that too, and extra in his golf bag.

We’d never discourage readers from picking up a bottle of their old man’s favorite tequila or whiskey as a means of saying “thanks for tolerating and teaching me for all those frustrating years.” But breaking the monotony of the Father’s Day gifting ritual is as easy as…

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