Best Socially Distant Adventures in the Midwest


The Midwest gets a bad rap as a bunch of “flyover” states, but adventurers who overlook the region in favor of visiting mountains or oceans are doing themselves a disservice. And in the age of COVID-19, you’ve got to look close to home for socially distant adventures.

While the 12 states that make up America’s heartland—Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri—are mostly composed of flat or rolling farmland (and a lot of prairie grass), the area is surprisingly diverse.

The crashing surf on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can rival parts of the Atlantic. The craggy granite rock formations in the Black Hills of South Dakota practically dare you to climb them. And the serene wetlands separating the Ohio and Missouri Rivers in lower Illinois beg to be explored.


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