Best Men’s Hair Products for Summer 2020


If you haven’t buzzed your hair off this summer, then you’re probably looking for the best lightweight hair styling creams, sprays, and more for your new cut. The best men’s hair products won’t melt down onto your face, but they should let you still run your fingers through your ‘do. The group below offers a range of results depending on your hair type and needs. We picked a favorite in each field, from styling cream to pomade and dry shampoo, to make the purchase as easy as can be this summer.

Best for Light Hold and Taming Strays: Styling Cream

Cream is the quintessential lightweight styler, in that it has a barely-there feel but still helps you style your hair. It allows you to comb or coach your hair into whichever resting place you prefer, or to define curls and…

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