Best Home Office Gear Upgrades to Buy Now


With all the time you’ve been working from home the last few months, you might have noticed—as we have—that to do it efficiently, you need more than a laptop and a kitchen table. Whether it’s plowing through emails to reach inbox zero or Zoom calls, upgrading a few pieces of gear can help you work more comfortably and be more productive. Sure, a dedicated home office where you can shut the door is ideal, but even if your workspace is less a room and more of a nook, this smart-looking gear is the sort of stuff you don’t mind leaving out.

Article Culla Desk

At 55 inches wide, the Culla, pictured above, offers plenty of work surface for your laptop, a lamp, and other gear, but at just 20 inches deep, it won’t hog floor space. With a DIY assembly process that takes about 15 minutes, the oak or walnut veneer over MDF means the top is solid…

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