Best Beard Trimmers for Men 2020


What do you and your razor have in common? Neither of you has seen the light of day in months. At first, growing out a beard can feel like a pleasant escape—not unlike, say, working from home. But as the days add up, you don’t look or feel your best—even if you follow the best beard-growing practices to the letter. You realize this isn’t a vacation: It’s going to take some work. Enter the best beard trimmers for men.

Before you start hacking, understand two things. First, facial hair grows at difference speeds, says JayR Mallari, a barber at Legacy Barber Studio in Walnut Creek, CA. “Typically, mustache and chin hair grow faster than cheek hair,” he says, “so you might need to trim more in those areas to get an even beard length.”

Second, the line between sophisticated and Sasquatch runs right through your Adam’s apple. “Go right…

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