Best At-Home Exercises to Build Muscle Without the Gym


We know this is hard to believe, but you can get the same muscle-building results from at-home exercises as you can from the gym. Great news since most of our nation is stuck in lockdown with COVID-19 protocols. If you were an avid gymgoer, you’re probably working with a much smaller arsenal of equipment and space. That’s okay.

For the turn of the new year, we’re arming you with a list of minimal-equipment moves. These are perfect at-home exercises because they make the best use of your body weight or easily attainable equipment. You can even arrange them into their own intense muscle-building workout.

You’ll notice they’re a league above typical bodyweight exercises. There’s nothing wrong with pushup variations or chinups using your door frame rack, but innovating classic moves and making a program more challenging is a great way to…

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