Become a Better Skier Through Rock Climbing This Summer


When I finally moved west after going to school in a midwestern burb, I did it to ski. This won’t surprise the readers of POWDER, but it surprised most of my friends. Back in college, I wasn’t known as a skier at all. I had meager funds and I wanted to get outside as much as I could. So I picked a cheaper sport.

I took up rock climbing in high school but took it beyond indoor gyms in college. Once I made friends with the three people at school who wanted to climb outside but lived in Chicago, we spent every weekend we could sojourning eight hours in a cramped Jeep Liberty down to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. I wrote more papers in the back of that Liberty than I did in the library.

Placing gear and taking falls on those minute sandstone cliffs built skills and confidence, and we soon spent our winter breaks driving to the desert, climbing…

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