Backcountry Safety Advice From Search and Rescue Experts


Accidents happen. From pro climbers to casual day-hikers, playing in wild open spaces can be dangerous. Luckily, in some areas, there are organizations to help you get home safely if things go sideways. As more people get out to explore the backcountry, more incidents will happen. We talked with Teton County Search and Rescue as well as Banff Visitor Safety about what they wish people getting out into wild and remote areas would do to help prevent incidents and, in the unfortunate event, to make rescues more seamless. The fundamental place to start, of course, is preventing an incident before it happens.

1. Choose an appropriate trip for the current conditions—that’s where the advice begins for Conrad Janzen from Banff Visitor Safety. Always check the weather and conditions for your area and objective. If you can have someone (or some device)…

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