Back to School Basics: Skin Care Essentials


Back to school time is here. Which means getting back into a weekly routine. Of course our normal back-to-school routine is well, not quite so normal these days.  With more time being spent at home and less time running from soccer practice to dance lessons, that doesn’t mean our skin care demands less attention. In fact, with the increased usage of hand sanitizing these days, our skin could definitely use a little more TLC than normal.

To ensure our skin is looking and feeling its cleanest, and healthiest, here are three must-have products that will earn you an A+ when it comes to your skin care routine.

Moisture is the best medicine

Cleaning our hands, and bodies, has never been more top of mind. However all that washing and scrubbing can lead to overly dry skin. Luckily for us, Zest’s Aqua Pure Cleaning Bars contains a boost of Vitamin E,…

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