Avalanche Rescue Dog Makes World’s First Helicopter Line Recovery


Though he didn’t know it a decade ago, the Sherriff found his deputy. That is, Adam Sheriff, Mountain Safety Team Leader and avalanche forecaster for British Columbia’s Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, who brought home a puppy that was a reject from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The black shepherd was too small to be a police dog. But the dog, named Brooke, was a perfect size to be a CARDA dog (certified by the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association).

“Right from the onset Brooke showed great hunt and prey drive,” says Sherriff. “She would pursue her ball for hours if she lost it in the grass while playing fetch. She showed no signs of ever wanting to quit searching or playing.”

courtesy Adam Sherriff

It isn’t easy to train a CARDA dog, even with a naturally gifted animal like Brooke. It takes…

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