‘At Home’ With Pro Mountain Biker Connor Fearon


Spend a few days at home with Connor Fearon in Adelaide, Australia. Just because the world has been locked down during Covid-19 doesn’t mean the prep work for race season goes on hold. With the hopes of a 2020 race season still simmering in the distance, Connor Fearon has been busy riding, training, and riding some more.

Hardtail, enduro, dirt jump, moto, DH—you name it, he’s been on it. While Connor may not have set foot in a start gate, it’s easy to see that he’s been out slaying it on all the wheels. Spoiler alert: the Shonky scrub is mind-blowing. 

Hardtails breed skills. See? Phoo: Courtesy of Ryan Finlay/BIKE Magazine
Fearon’s red rocket. Phoo: Courtesy of Ryan Finlay/BIKE Magazine
Connor knows…

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