As Bears Wake Up for Spring, a Reminder on Staying ‘Bear Aware’


Spring is almost officially here, bringing us warmer temperatures and longer days. Those who sleep through the winter are waking up—and by “those,” we mean bears. Bears from Connecticut to Western Canada are starting to rise, whether naturally or by human-caused disturbances. It is always important to give them their space.

For bears, how they went into hibernation dictates how they wake up. For example, if a bear got tons of calories in the fall, they might not be super hungry when they wake up. Another factor is how warm or cold the winter was. If it was a very cold winter, the bears might have used up more fat to keep them warm, thus making them more calorically deprived when they wake. If the winter was warmer than average, some very large males may not have denned at all.

“I have encountered two different male grizzlies during a warm…

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