An Epic Wakeskating Adventure in the Desert Lagoons of Brazil


For many of us, simply getting on your feet at all on wakeskate is an incredible feat. The binding-less cousin of wakeboarding isn’t quite as mainstream as most board sports, but its awesome blend of wakeboarding and skateboarding offers up so many possibilities of maneuvers to try and unorthodox locales to shred.

And earlier this week, Red Bull dropped one of the most unique edits we’ve seen in a while. Featuring a couple of the best wakeskaters on the planet—Zuzana Vrablova and Brian Grubb—the crew beautifully documented one of the most breathtaking spots we’ve ever seen: Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil.

“We’ve talked about coming here for many years,” says Grubb. “And to finally see it in person is pretty amazing.”

Zuzana Vrablova wakeskating…

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