An Epic Motorcycle Surf Odyssey Across New Zealand


“Finding perfect waves with just a friend is one of the best feelings a surfer can experience,” says Byron Bay’s Torren Martyn at the outset of his new surf feature, “Lost Track New Zealand.” The lengths to which Martyn and his friend, filmmaking partner Ishka Folkwell, are willing to go to dial in that seemingly-simple-yet-increasingly-rare brand of surf-experience is something to behold.

We’ve already seen the pair–Martyn’s lengthy twin-fins always in-tow–snowshoe through Iceland. We’ve also watched as they shirk all other responsibilities to post up in J-Bay, Mainland Mex, Scotland and other locales for months at a time.

In this go ‘round, Martyn and Folkwell have cooked up a road drama, of sorts–a kind of surfy “Easy Rider” through New Zealand–enduring grueling travel, fickle conditions, harsh weather and an…

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