A Simple Primer on 5G, the Next-Generation Wireless Network


First, there was 1G, and it sucked. This first-gen F network was what Gordon Gekko’s blocky cell phone used in the ’80s. Now, there’s 5G. Its blistering speeds threaten to make our 4G current networks as archaic as Reagan-era tech.

Curious how 5G could change your life? Here’s a jargon-free primer on the next-generation wireless network.

1. Transportation

If you just felt something, that was all of Silicon Valley fist-bumping, because self-driving cars will be a reality with 5G. Unfortunately, wireless providers might need years to build the needed infrastructure for these vehicles.

2. Public Safety

5G will play a huge role in disaster response and prevention, mostly by seamlessly linking public-safety communications, such as ambulances, dam sensors, and traffic lights.


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