A Mission to Snowboarding’s Fountain of Youth


In 2008, Splitboard.com founder Chris Gallardo came upon an oasis tucked deep in the backcountry, a magical pool whose turquoise water opened a whole new world for the ambitious trekkers fortunate enough to reach it.

More than a decade on, the Fountain of Youth remains a point of great wonder for snowboarders across the globe. Though the secrecy of its location may be less shrouded than it originally was, the journey to get there is certainly no less arduous. And even if you make it, there is no guarantee the Fountain you envision will greet you. Precise timing is required to reach the pool once snow has melted just enough for the Fountain to form, but not too much that it prevents riders from getting the necessary speed make it across. At the F.O.Y., ya gotta pay to play.

*Perhaps you are able to determine the Fountain’s location. Great….

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