A Look Inside How Distilleries Are Now Making Hand Sanitizer


While booze is still a great elixir to help people get through these self-quarantined times, a number of distilleries are now diverting their wares from spirits to an even bigger market: hand sanitizer.

In Colorado, Marble Distilling found it easy to use its facilities and raw materials to make sanitizer instead of spirits. “We only needed one additive to be able to make a hand sanitizer,” says co-founder Carey Shanks, whose company is offering a free bottle of sanitizer with every two bottles of Marble booze. “The transition was very quick.”

While the company is still producing its lineup of spirits, Shanks says that making “a high-proof, no-fluff sanitizer has been the primary concern.”

Photo: Courtesy of Marble Distilling

The World Health Organization (WHO) ordains that hand sanitizers need to…

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