A Deeper Look at Natural Light a.k.a. Natty Light


Suppose you’re walking down the street when a stranger runs up and yells, “I love natural light!”

After moving to a safe distance, you might wonder. Were they talking about open floorplan architecture? Or maybe a light beer associated with college partiers on spring break?

According to a recent report by 24/7 Wall St., Natural Light remains the eighth best-selling beer brand in America. Let that soak in—a typical response after Natty Light spills on a dorm room carpet.

In 2019, AB-InBev shipped 6.7 million barrels of its reduced-calorie lager. This was 0.7 percent less than it shipped in 2018, but still good for 3.24 percent of total U.S. market share. For context, try imagining a yard party with around 2.2 billion cans of Natty.

In this age of double IPAs and tasting-room microbreweries, how do craft beers compare? Of the 25 best-selling…

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