A 43-Mile Trail Run Along the Length of the Teton Range


Nobody likes a 3 a.m. alarm.

A few people may tell you otherwise, but trust me, they’re probably lying. Sure, I entertain alpine starts as often as the next outdoor enthusiast, but only because they are the precursor to fresh powder, empty trails, and tall summits. Egregiously early alarms are a tribute for a later reward—but not something that you enjoy. Such was the case on this early morning in August, on the day we ran the Teton Crest Trail.

Starting on Teton Pass west of Jackson, Wyoming, the Teton Crest is a 43-mile jaunt along the length of the Teton Range, mostly above 10,000 feet. The route, widely considered one of the most scenic trails in the country, offers views of wildflowers, wildlife, and the iconic Grand Teton, although with a dozen or more major peaks in…

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