6-Year-Old Kid Climbs Yosemite’s Iconic Lost Arrow Spire


Between July 21 and 22 as temperatures pushed 100 degrees on the Yosemite Valley floor, high above the ground, Joe Baker and his son Samuel (age 6) climbed the tip of Lost Arrow Spire, a slender finger of granite extending out from the wall near the top of Yosemite Falls, 2,700 feet above the ground.

As day turned to night, they crawled into their portaledge and prepared to sleep while suspended from the overhanging tower. Then the wind picked up and howled through the notch between the spire and rim, rattling their portable shelter against the wall. Temperatures dropped and the two shivered.

“At night, it was horrendous. Full-on winter conditions,” Baker tells me over FaceTime from his living room in Colorado Springs, CO, with his son peeping over his shoulder. Chewing on a corndog, Sam chimes in, “while we were on it [the portaledge] was…

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