50 reasons to not run away from workout


50 reasons to not run away from workout

1. Because no matter how tired or stressed you feel right now, you will feel better after a workout.

2. You know that you are what you do, and will not allow yourself to become a quitter.

3. You are tired of wearing fat jeans.

4. You are sick of having a flabby stomach.

5. There is no other choice. It must be done.

6. So that you will have no regrets tomorrow.

7. Because you are tired of starting “on Monday.” Today is the day to get it done!

8. Somewhere there is someone who is injured, sick or in a hospital bed who 

wished they could workout. Go train in their honor.

9. Being lazy sucks. 

10. Squatting is cool. Nuff said. (And who doesn’t want a great back side)

11. You are tired of having small arms and a small chest.

12. The man boobs gotta go!

13. The flabby arms gotta go!

14. Because…

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