5 Tips to Get Your Best Shoulders Ever


When you imagine a V-taper, you might think first about the waistline. After all, that’s the focal point of a perfect V, and the point where a massive upper body tucks into an impossibly small midsection.

That must mean ab training is key to a V-taper, right? Nope. Hitting the core helps, but the real secret to this coveted shape is making your upper body as wide as you can by bulking up those deltoids.

I’ve assembled five tips that will help you maximize the capper of your upper body, with the help of MuscleTech-sponsored athlete and Team Bodybuilding member Abel Albonetti. You’ll learn how to develop all three heads of this muscle, ensuring that no shoulder workout ever goes to waste.

Tip 1: Press Your Strength Levels

Shoulders are a relatively small muscle group compared to big movers like the back, chest, and quads. Still, you want to develop…

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