5 Multi-Purpose Towels That Are Perfect for Summertime


Whether your pleasure is hiking to a remote backcountry site, lounging on a beach, or simply hanging out at a local park, a trusty towel will certainly simplify your experience.

Plush, oversized towels are a thing of the past, and compact, microfiber towels with versatile uses has replaced them. Rather than owning a beach blanket, a yoga towel, a camp shower towel, etc., why not own just one piece that is big enough for yoga, absorbent enough for showering, and compact enough for a backpack?

We’ve rounded up five brands offering multi-purpose towels sure to withstand any adventure you throw their way.


Courtesy of Nomadix

The folks at Nomadix believe you should “own less, do more.” So, they’ve designed a long-lasting, multi-function towel that is perfect for yoga, the beach,…

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