5 Guideline Rules for Responsible Outdoor Adventures During a Pandemic


The collective outdoor community, from distance hikers escaping for weeks on end to urbanite weekend warriors, is predicated on the same thing: the feeling of freedom. Whether it’s a day-hike in the Sierras, a week-long canoe trip in the Boundary Waters, or an expedition around the world, outdoor enthusiasts like to push limits. So, clearly, staying home is a tall order.

But, in the midst of the largest public health crisis in modern history, our collective behavior needs to change, and change quickly. Politics aside, a near consensus of epidemiologists (experts on the spread of disease), agree that we necessarily need to isolate ourselves to stem the spread of COVID-19, for weeks if not months. The only exceptions to this rule are significant others and housemates. That’s it.

These limitations come with massive economic implications, among other…

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