3 Tasty (and Simple) Ways to Cook With Beer


We love beer. Some might say our passion for it borders on obsession. Luckily beer has some surprising benefits (assuming it’s consumed in moderation). For one, it has nutrients—yes, you read that right. And some studies have shown that it may potentially improve cholesterol levels and boost cognitive health, among other perks.

In the name of health, and summertime, we’ve come up with the following recipes, which might just convince you that beer is good for more than just drinking. It’s fun to cook with and it adds flavor, too. A few of these recipes can be made on the grill, and all of them can be taken on the road—not a bad way to spend a summer afternoon.

Appetizer: Kickin’ Beer Queso

Forget what you bought at the store, and make it fresh. Photo: Erin McGrady Photo: Erin…

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