3 Easy Cocktail Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer


One thing we’ve never forgotten to pack for a summertime adventure is something tasty to sip on.

A lot of the time we choose beer because it’s easy; just grab a six pack and go. Lately, however, we’ve been craving a little something extra. We’re not fancy or high maintenance, but we love things that taste really good.

After all, who said that your taste buds have to suffer just because you’re not behind the bar? If this sounds like you, check out these three awesome and easy cocktails that you can make just about anywhere… perfect for kicking off Memorial Day weekend.

Pack List:
– Shaker
– Jigger
– Cups
– Muddler (optional)
– Knife
– Cutting board

Slower Lower

The perfect drink for a day at the beach. Photo: Erin McGrady

This drink was named after the tiny, little state of Delaware. It’s the perfect drink for a day at the beach. To…

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