2019 Bodybuilding.com Awards: Podcast Episode of the Year


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Our podcast is the perfect way to inject fitness inspiration and information into your commute, cardio time, or whenever you need a boost. Here are the year’s standout conversations!

“Weight gain” and “weight loss” tend to dominate fitness and nutrition conversations. But what if you want—or your sport demands—that the number on the scale doesn’t change all that much? Doug Kalman, Ph.D., RD, a researcher and dietician who has also competed in boxing, talks with Nick and gives him a no-BS lesson about how to eat for maximum strength gains and body re-composition. Listen up if you participate in a weight-classed sport, or just want to change your body without having to buy a whole new wardrobe!


Pauline Nordin: Lessons from 20 Years of Hard Training

Pauline Nordin,…

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